Things I want you to know before your shoot! 

First off lemme just say, these are things that I personally (for MY photography, style, and experience) think are best. There are tons of photographers out there who have different “do’s and don’ts” I’m sure, but for me, these things are like…solid do’s and don’ts lol


  • Don’t be getting wasted or high before your session. I can’t edit out “Drunk eyes” NOR will I edit out red eyes (Aint nobody got time for dat!). I love letting ya’ll have one glass of something small during hair and makeup just to loosen up a teeny bit, but anything more than that will give you drunk eyes LOL

  • Avoid eating large meals or things you KNOW will mess up your stomach during your session. Healthy meals with protein (chicken salad, salads, eggs, etc) not biscuits and gravy, Whoppers, or Sarku from the mall (bless that place and it’s delicious teriyaki double meat chicken). Nothing is less sexy than having a string up your ass-crack while also highly regretting your last meal.

  • Do not get a spray tan if you’ve never gotten one before.

  • Do not wax any part of your body if you’ve never done it before (you know who you are HAHA)

  • Don’t wait till the last minute to pick out your main outfits. These need to be tried on and LOVED by you before you decide to wear it for your session.

  • If something doesn’t fit right in any way, do NOT get it. If it looks strange maybe on the sleeves or the straps are garbage, please don’t get it.

  • Do not buy sizes that do not fit properly. If they’re too small and squeeze and indent your skin, that will not look good. I promise. Along with it will probably leave marks on your skin that may not be covered up by your other outfits and that’s not cute either. And too large will take away from your natural curves!


  • Try. On. Your. Outfits. Lord have mercy I can’t stress this enough! I can’t tell you how many times I have clients who buy a bunch of outfits they saw online or saw someone else rock, so they bought it thinking it would look good on them too without trying it on. WRONG! Puhlease do not do this. Every persons body is shaped differently and what looks bangin’ on person may look weird on you and what looks bangin’ on you may look weird on someone else.

  • Make a list of things to do shortly before your session such as:

    • Shave (be specific!) arm pits, who-ha, legs, toes, eyebrows, whatever it is you normally shave, write it down. Also take into account how your skin reacts when you shave. Do you break out the first day and it goes away after? Does your skin react maybe on day two? Do you need to use a razor a few times so it doesn’t irritate your skin and do new razors irritate your skin? These are all things to think about.

    • Last minute outfit ideas? Were you telling yourself you were going to buy that set of earrings you saw? Maybe those leggings? Whatever it is, GET IT NOW.

  • Drink water! Make sure you stay hydrated because it gets hot when you’re doing all these sexy poses and booty poppin girl.

  • Send me all your outfit ideas!!! I absolutely LOVE getting pumped and excited WITH you for these sessions! I seriously love love love boudoir and I want to shoot them all day every day. I thoroughly enjoy the back to back texts of your outfits and questions. I’m gonna be seeing you in them later so you might as well ask me for my opinion lol. Whether it’s pics off the internet or a photo of you modeling the clothes, SHOW ME!

  • Either get your nails and toes done, or leave them clean of polish. I grew up with a mother who never wore makeup, perfume, never shopped, never painted her nails, but the second my nail polish chipped, I better fix it or remove it all or else she’s gonna see it and make some smart comment haha. Chipped nail polish is SUCH a distraction from gorgeous images! Just don’t do it.

  • Last one- Take some time to think about WHY you want to do this session. Is it for a significant other? Yourself? Did you reach a goal? This mindset is such a strong part of boudoir. As women we forget what our bodies do for us. For me, I complain about how my boobs are ruined from breastfeeding and my stomach is covered in stretch marks. But then I realize, “Wow, I was able to breastfeed my first born for 19 months, and am currently now feeding my 4 month old”. And this stomach? I created two BEAUTIFUL babies in there, both healthy as can be and got to deliver all natural the way I’ve always wanted”. What a blessing and a gift our bodies have been and they deserve all the praise in the world.